A Next-Gen Video-Verified, Collaborative Security, Safety, Care Protection, and Energy, Automation Control Platform

  • Open, scalable, collaborative, video-verified system architecture
  • A turnkey platform for service providers
  • Smartphone number and location based collaborative smart associations
  • An advanced IoTLink cloud-app for narrowband cellular based portable protection solution and service
  • We offer collaborative managed protection command center software for global service providers

Awesome In-app and In-view ActionView™ Controls

  • Video-verified collaborative alarm platform with in-app, in-view direct call to local first responder for priority response
  • ActionView™ allows action taking place while monitoring
  • ActionView™, connected total protection substantially reduces false alarm fines, property, casualty losses, and insurance payout

Plug-N-Play and Video Privacy

  • The patented plug-n-play algorithm allows system self-configuration and self-restoring
  • Data and Video are securely protected by router, embedded agent, and anti-hacking software protection, as well as AES-256 bank-level encryption
cloud service

Open Cloud

  • With video AI and machine learning
  • Supports 3G/4G-LTE, Battery-powered Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, B/T, 433RF, NAS
  • We offer Battery-Powered Wi-Fi module to partners to use our platform service
  • Mobile cloud supports over 45,000 worldwide users and 150,000 devices

IoT-Link App

  • Turns Android-Smartphone into a gateway to manage IoT devices
  • Applications – mobile-based protections; RV, marine, fleet, assets etc.
  • Extra NB-IoT line sales and value-added protection RMR upsell
  • Premise data acquisition, analytics, content-push, and customer loyalty
  • For sample and instruction, click here

Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Device

  • The all Wi-Fi IoT will be the protocol for the future
  • We offer the world’s 1st Battery-Powered Wi-Fi systems for video-verified; home, enterprise, care, etc. bridge-less connected protections
  • A Worldwide Interactive app; wwalarm.com exclusively designed for global brand owner, professional alarm dealer, and service provider

We Welcome Platform Partnership

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