Mivatek Platform


An Open, Standard, Collaborative, and Scalable Cloud Software

  • A turnkey interactive video-verified cloud software for service providers
  • Supports most vendors’ hardware; gateway, bridge, hub, and popular IoT RF protocols; Z-Wave, ZigBee, 3G/4G-LTE, B/T Wi-Fi
  • Proven interactive and collaborative security, safety, video and care alarm and alert, as well as energy and automation control
  • Premises’ data collection, analytics, AI, and smartphone number and location based direct push-ads
  • An innovative IoT Hub cloud-app turns a mobile device into a local/slave IoT-controller, making broadband M2M easy and affordable for next-gen smart transportation, city, energy, factory, etc. vertical markets

Awesome In-app and In-view Controls

  • Interactive and collaborative video monitoring, recording, reporting, sharing and playback. Video-verified direct-calling of local first responders from the app guarantees prioritized emergency response that minimizes financial and casualty losses, as well as false alarm fines
  • Interactive video allows simultaneous automation/garage door control and monitoring
device management

Collaborative Communications

  • Smartphone number and location-based association connects owner and family members through video, friends and caregivers via IM and email alerts, and enables direct calling to local first responders with pre-storage of local authorities’ phone numbers

Plug-N-Play and Secure Video Privacy

  • The patented plug-n-play algorithm allows system auto setup in minutes
  • Open cloud software supports plug-n-play IoT device integration
  • Data and Video are securely guarded by an embedded agent and anti-sniffing software protection, as well as AES-256 bank-level encryption
cloud service

Open Mobile Cloud

  • Mobile cloud comes with cognitive video AI and machine learning
  • Turnkey cloud supports proprietary zero-pairing and standard IoT devices and gateways
  • We sell embedded AC/BP Wi-Fi module to partners for our mobile cloud platform IoT service
  • Mobile cloud supports over 30,000 worldwide users and 70,000 devices

We Welcome Platform Partnership

Please contact joe@mivatek.com 1-510-458-7321