Connected Mobile-Cloud
Platform OEM


Devices, Sensors, Locations


Video-verified for Priority Response


Multi-tier Supervisory Protection


Easy Setup


Latest Technology
Virtual IoT Hub
Battery-powered Wi-Fi Module


Open Platform
Supports Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, 4G/LTE


System of Systems
Security, Automation, Energy, Business, Tracking & More

A Next-Gen Video-Verified, Collaborative Security, Safety, Care Protection, and Energy, Automation Control Platform

  • Open, scalable, collaborative, video-verified system architecture
  • A turnkey platform for service providers
  • Smartphone number and location based collaborative smart associations
  • An advanced IoTLink cloud-app for narrowband cellular based portable protection solution and service
  • We offer collaborative managed protection command center software for global service providers
platform cloud

Awesome In-app and
In-view ActionView™ Controls

  • Video-verified collaborative alarm platform with in-app, in-view direct call to local first responder for priority response
  • ActionView™ allows action taking place while monitoring
  • ActionView™, connected total protection substantially reduces false alarm fines, property, casualty losses, and insurance payout

Plug-N-Play and Video Privacy
Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Device

  • The patented plug-n-play algorithm allows system self-configuration and self-restoring
  • Data and Video are securely protected by router, embedded agent, and anti-hacking software protection, as well as AES-256 bank-level encryption
  • The all Wi-Fi IoT will be the protocol for the future
  • We offer the world’s 1st Battery-Powered Wi-Fi systems for video-verified; home, enterprise, care, etc. bridge-less connected protections
  • A Worldwide Interactive app; wwalarm.com exclusively designed for global brand owner, professional alarm dealer, and service provider

Open Cloud

  • With video AI and machine learning
  • Supports 3G/4G-LTE, Battery-powered Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, B/T, 433RF, NAS
  • We offer Battery-Powered Wi-Fi module to partners to use our platform service
  • Mobile cloud supports over 45,000 worldwide users and 150,000 devices

IoT-Link App

  • Turns Android-Smartphone into a gateway to manage IoT devices
  • Applications – mobile-based protections; RV, marine, fleet, assets etc.
  • Extra NB-IoT line sales and value-added protection RMR upsell
  • Premise data acquisition, analytics, content-push, and customer loyalty
  • For sample and instruction, click here
The app IoTLink turns your smartphone into a shuttle gateway that connects to all your IoT devices.


Ultra-Easy DIY
Ultra-easy system setup
In-app, in-view event video verification, recording, sharing, reporting for priority emergency response and total-protection
Collaborative Service
Multiple tier group of user, multiple location, multiple device, multiple function/protection, multi-cast (multiple user sharing one video stream)
Smart Associations
smartphone number and location-based smart association for collaborative total protection
Supervisory Video User Authorization and Privacy Control
Multi-tier group of users with supervisory video user authorization and TripleShield™ video-privacy control
Platform Interoperability
We offer World’s first all Wi-Fi IoT system, a battery powered Wi-Fi design patent for bridge-less systems. Open system architecture supports 433RF, Z-Wave, ZigBee, 3G/4G/LTE, Battery Powered Wi-Fi
Premises’ Data
Help partner with premises’ connected 2-way communications, data collection, analytics, and mobile-push content
Open Developer API
Open developer API to partners for system integration.
One-stop-shop for interactive, security, safety, video, care, energy, automation control, and total protection service
Dedicated App for
Service Provider
Devoted Worldwide Interactive Alarm and WWAlarm App to protect service provider www.wwalarm.com
The latest IoTLink App and Battery-powered Wi-Fi
A new Smartphone gateway-app interacts with Mivatek cloud-app for advanced portable protection
On-demand CMS call-center service
we offer online and on-demand CMS call-center service

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