Management Team


Joe Liu


As CEO, Joe sets the strategic direction and vision for MivaTek. A lifelong entrepreneur, Joe has been involved in numerous successful technology venture start-ups for the past 30 years…

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Jorge Perdomo

Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Development

Jorge Perdomo joins Mivatek as their new Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Development…

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Jean-Claude Zhang


Jean-Claude Zhang joined our company in Dec. 2016 as CFO and President for our business in China PRC. Before joining us, Jean-Claude was the…

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Yan Qi


Yan Qi currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer at MivaTek. Before joining MivaTek, Ms. Qi was the Chief Architect for Oplink Connected, a division of Oplink Communications…

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Janey Lin


Ms. Lin currently manages the Executive Operations at MivaTek. Before joining MivaTek I 2015, Ms. Lin spent 15 years as Executive Assistant and Manager at Oplink Communications…

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Robert Moeller

Vice President of Global Sales

Robert currently serves as Vice President of Global Sales at MivaTek. He has over 20 years’ of diverse consumer and electronic experiences working with all major retailers from coast to coast…

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Elaine Kuo

Director of Marketing

Elaine Kuo currently serves as Director of Marketing at MivaTek. She has over 10 years of experience in the security / high-tech sectors. Before joining MivaTek,…

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Mark Herman

Director-Business Development OEM/Platform licensing

Mark has over 20 years of experience in software and hardware sales. Before joining MivaTek, Mark held sales management positions with Time Warner Cable,…

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Tatiana Caetano

Director of Retail/Commerce Sales

Tatiana currently serves as the Director of retail/commerce sales at MivaTek. Before joining MivaTek, Tatiana was the Senior Sales Manager for Oplink Connected,…

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