Joe’s Story

CEO of Mivatek

Joe Liu is the Chairman and CEO of Mivatek; an ultra-secure Unified-IoT™ cloud-App platform and video-verified alarm solutions and service IP provider. Mivatek” stands for “Mobile Interactive Video-Verified Alarm” aiming to solve the global alarm industry’s 98% false-alarm rate and discretionary response problems through internet and mobile communications. Mivatek uses unified-IoT™ cloud- Apps for video-verified alarm, one-touch self-reporting, prioritized response, and zero false alarm. The multifaceted unified-IoT™ cloud-Apps cover home, business, and humans’ security, safety and care protections, without carriers’ installation and CMS overhead, supports analytics, broadcast, communications and control, energy, automation, and ecosystems’ interoperability. The fastest way to transform the alarm industry is through partnering with global ISP, cellular, communication and other service providers.

Prior to Mivatek, Liu, co-founded Oplink Communications in 1995, an optical subsystem company, and took the company public in 2000 (NASDAQ: OPLK). In 2014, Oplink was acquired by Koch/Molex. Liu and investors purchased the non-core Oplink-Connected business from Koch/Molex and continued Mivatek. The connected platform was a five year of R/D and $30 million dollar efforts by Oplink.

Earlier in his career, Liu co-founded Vertex Networks, Syscan Systems, and Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc. among others. Liu started his business career with Techlink Equipment and Technology in 1985, selling semiconductor capital equipment worldwide, after working for Mostek Semiconductor, Motorola Semiconductor, and National Semiconductor. Liu earned his Master of Engineering degree from California State University, Chico.