Simple. Beautiful. Intelligent.

Our devices work seamlessly with the MivaLife mobile app, giving you complete control of your smart home wherever you are. And while each device is designed for a specific purpose, together they can do even more.

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Fire + CO Alarm Sensor


Make your existing smoke detector smarter. This device listens for your existing smoke and CO and sends you emergency alerts, even when you’re not home. It also detects high and rapid rises in temperatures.


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Mini HD Camera


This camera includes all the features of our wireless camera, but provides high resolution and a smaller footprint. An adjustable ball-and-socket mount makes it easy to swivel the camera in any direction.


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Medication Dispenser


Don’t risk missing another dose. Store up to four weeks of prescription
pills, and get reminders when it’s time to take them. Assign who’ll receive
alerts in case you forget to take your medication.


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Tracking Sensor


Place this sensor on doors, appliances, and other frequently used objects around the house to track how often they’re used. Create and share activity logs with caregivers or medical professionals.


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Door + Window Senor


This sensor lets you know when a door or window is open. They can also trigger sensor-initiated video recording and send notifications to multiple tiers of recipients when there’s a break-in.


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Wireless Camera


Equipped with night vision and motion detection, this smart camera works with other MivaLife devices to record triggered events automatically.

Use it to keep an eye on a sleeping baby, a rambunctious puppy, or any entrypoint into your home. 


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Fall Detector


Wear it around your wrist or as a pendant to send an immediate notification to family, friends, or caregivers when it detects a fall. Press and hold the central emergency button to trigger an alarm.


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Swivel HD Camera


Take a look around. This high-definition camera turns 300 degrees to monitor a ultra-wide field of view. It also includes a built-in speaker and mic for two-way communication, and an SD card slot for 24/7 recording. 


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Smart Plug


Make any device a smart device. Turn on a lamp to give the impression you’re home when you’re away, or start a fan before you get home. The smart plug also keeps an eye on how much energy that device uses.


Tracking Sensor

Attach this sensor on medicine bottles or pill boxes for basic information on when it’s used. Provide activity logs to caregivers or medical professionals to help them provide the right care for your needs.


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Panic Button


This panic button sends an immediate notification to family, friends, or caregivers during an emergency. Wearable and water resistant, simple one-touch operation makes it easy to call for help when it counts most.


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This intelligent hub provides always-on wireless access between your MivaLife devices and cloud service. AES256 Bank-level encryption and anti-sniffing technology protects your privacy. USB ports provide network attached storage (NAS) options.