About MivaTek

MivaTek offers a video-verified, connected-home and mobile-cloud platform for cellular/ISP carriers and any service providers to increase their value-added recurring monthly revenue (RMR). The latest patent-pending IoT-Link cloud-app can turn a Smartphone into an IoT-gateway, adding cellular-line sales and increasing cellular carriers’ average revenue per user (ARPU). The rack-hang, plug-n-play, collaborative security, safety, automation and care solutions that require no professional install nor call-center overhead is especially ideal to cellular/ISP’s value-added service upsell. Our video-verified direct-notification mobile-app generates prioritized emergency response, reduces casualty and property losses, and eliminates false alarm fines. The interactive video, automation, and care solutions are ideal for professional alarm dealers’ service upsell. MivaTek’s scalable platform solution make broadband IoT network systems simple and affordable for connected home, business, healthcare, smart transportation, and enterprise applications. MivaTek offers open-API and concurrent support to global partners. For more information please visit www.mivatek.com.