Mivatek Smart Connect private labels a leading B2B2C software-defined, auto-configured, and collaboratively-managed multipurpose mobile-cloud serving global service-providers and brand-owners’ managed Video-IoT data communications for interactive Video, Security, Safety, Care protection & Automation control service covering Smart Home, Business, and Community applications in one app.

The patented Smartphone-#, & hub-location based mobile-cloud manages premises’ data to collaborate with tier-groups of supervisory controlled video-users, emergency contacts, concierge, or call-center for event-video-verified emergency response.

Mivatek’s multipurpose mobile-cloud also manages premises’ data analytics, mobile-push-DM, video-recording, sharing, local-responder direct-calling, and 12+ Eco-system partners’ IoT device control.

Mivatek’s platform advantages are open-cloud, open-API, in-a-box-system auto-configures at activation, easy-to-install, easy-to-expand, video-verified, fast, secure, reliable, affordable, and has very low Op-Ex.

Mivatek Smart Connect private labels Cloud-app, Agent, Device, Insight module, and turnkey Battery-Powered Wi-Fi system, Z-Wave system, Mobile-IoT system, NB-IoT system, and more.